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HEIR Programme 2018

Keynote Presentations

KEYNOTE – Professor David Gibson, Curtin University

KEYNOTE – M L Simpson Winning the Reputation Game

Keynote Recordings

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SESSION 1C Students Perception of Digitalisation in German Computer Science Programmes CD HACHMEISTER

SESSION 2B HEIR_StudentSuccess in Germany _STEM_September_18_1_final_MaritaMcGrory

SESSION 2C Responding to the Student Voice W HASTY

SESSION 2D Should Employers be asked to fund HE DEIRDRE LILLIS

SESSION 3A Learning Analytics in Ireland L OFAREELL

SESSION 3D Universities Places of Learning but not Learning Organisations PENNY HAUGHAN

SESSION 4 HEIR_StudentSuccess in Germany _InternationalStudents_18_final2_MaritaMcGrory

SESSION 4A 5A Workshop on Balanced Examination H HONDA S WOODFIELD

SESSION 4B Finding the correct lenses through which to explore student experience S OREILLY O HASSAN

SESSION 5B Measuring and Driving research performance using an output based funding model LIAM CLEERE

SESSION 5 C Enhancing by Committee HDM

SESSION 6A An Institutional and Sector wide Approach to implementing Learning Analytics A HAINEY

SESSION 6C Life on the Academic Front Line K HAND

SESSION 6D Student Experiences of Institutional Consolidation AISLING MCKENNA

SESSION 7A Rise of the Machines A BETSINGER


SESSION 8A Enhancing Retention interventions with predictive analytics A JAFFREY

SESSION 8D Various IR Activities in UK and Ireland H HONDA

SESSION 10 11A How do you Facilitate Group Dy namics H HONDA I SCOTT

SESSION 10B Out of the Morgue and onto the Operating Table Analytics for Strategic Challenges A BETSINGER